Quarter century crazy

Quarter century crazy. Quarter life crisis. Half way meltdown.

TruthNo matter what you call it, you’re still bat shit crazy. You know, that kind of meltdown where you’ve completely lost your mind, avoided personal hygiene, and drowned yourself in the isolating comfort of wine, yoga pants, and misery.

Everyone loves a hot mess, right?

Well, that’s where I’ve been. But, before that, I was madly in love. Gasp.

Then madly heartbroken.

Then, just mad.

That’s how it goes, though. You become the kind of crazy that only the heartbroken know about. The obsessive, crying, empty, darkness, hole in your chest kind of crazy. Can’t sleep, can’t eat, you know how it goes.




One thought on “Quarter century crazy

  1. I know exactly what you speak of. Imagine learning the real reason why your Ex husband wanted a divorce: he had a woman on the side. Adding insult to injury: they are NOW married!

    Suffice it to say, it was for a few months anyway, an ongoing awful thing. But I have finally made peace with it.


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