Stay single and just mingle

Why do I have to get married?This is becoming a post (with permission) from the reader who emailed me the following:

I read your blog all the time. wish you wrote more thats ok though. Im not sure what to do with my life. my boyfriend and i broke up and we dated forever and now that im dating again i dont want to be with the same guy my whole life. i feel like this is wrong and there is something wrong with me. what would you do? Maybe I don’t want to be with the same person forever… please help!

I normally don’t give advice because I am not a model human being, but you are the 2nd person to ask me this in a week. And here is what I think about that. There are no rules of life that say you must marry, have children, or even date. Some people fully choose to stay single and just mingle. And that is OKAY. What would I do? I would go out and meet as many new people as possible. Call up your girlfriends and get all dressed up for a night on the town. Drink way too much wine in the process. Stop worrying about what you are supposed to do and start focusing on what makes you happy. Personally, switching things up and keeping it fresh are the keys to happiness. This is the new age and its okay to do that with your intimate relationships. Gone are the days of ’till death do us part’, and gone are the days for marriage. If you choose to do that one day then worry about it then, but for now you need to relax.

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One thought on “Stay single and just mingle

  1. Why is she dating in the first place? The problem is not marriage. The problem is immaturity. Love is a choice, an act of the WILL…not some silly fuzzy feeling. Every day I wake up and choose my wife over every other woman on the planet. I defy anyone to say that isn’t romantic! And I personally think that flitting from relationship to relationship will never bring anyone any lasting fulfillment. Are you really meant to enjoy that lifestyle for a lifetime, never marry, not have a family??? There are only a select few that don’t need and seek that companionship. And if this lady Sarah is dating like she says, she’s not going to be content being alone.

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